Matexi is a property developer that creates sustainable and ecological neighbourhoods.

  • UI design

A user-centric and mobile-friendly platform

The online platform provides a tailored catalogue that shows projects in multiple locations using one search. Through in-depth interviews, workshops and a close collaboration with the client we created user experience maps. Whilst being involved in all these steps, my main focus was to agree on a digital design language and also design Low-fi and High-fi prototypes.


Style tile

Matexi had an existing identity that merely focussed on print and advertising. In order to avoid design and branding discussions later on in the process we created a digital style tile to agree on colour, font, icons, etc.

Low-fi to High-fi prototyping

We worked in 2 week design sprints, each sprint focussing on specific features instead of templates. This way we were able to create those features from sketching over low-fi prototyping into a high-Fi design in html/css.

A flexible component library

From start to finish we reduced the amount of components as much as possible, whilst ensuring they could be used for different content. It kept the codebase easy to maintain and made it more flexible for content managers to build templates.